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Work Injuries

Dunn Chiropractic & Rehab treats workers, who have been injured on the job. Dr. Dunn is an Ohio BWC-Certified doctor. No referral is necessary to have Dr. Dunn examine and/or treat an injured worker, whether the injured worker initially consults Dr. Dunn after a new injury or already has an established BWC claim.

The injured worker has the right to choose his treating physician. For the initial visit after the workplace injury, you may be examined and treated by any doctor or Emergency Room, who is qualified to treat your injury. The initial physician does not need to be an Ohio BWC-Certified physician. For all subsequent visits, any treating doctor must be an Ohio BWC-Certified doctor.

If you have a workplace injury and initially consult Dunn Chiropractic & Rehab, we will help you complete the FROI form and file your claim with the Ohio BWC.

If you have an established BWC claim and want to consult with or changr physicians to Dr. Dunn, we will help you complete and file the necessary paperwork for BWC.

Dunn Chiropractic & Rehab is dedicated to providing the best care for your workplace injury, which will help you get back to work and back to your life, as quickly as possible. We focus on taking care of the most important workplace injury ... YOURS.

What is Workers’ Compensation

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation covers any work related injuries and/or occupational diseases. If you are hurt on the job, and BWC allows your claim, the BWC will pay your medical bills, while you recover. The BWC provides other benefits for injured workers, such as, lost wages, if you are temporarily disabled and cannot continue to go to work.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured At Work?

  • Report your injury/illness to your employer, immediately.
  • Seek immediate medical care, if necessary. For the initial visit after the workplace injury, you may be examined and treated by any doctor or Emergency Room, who is qualified to treat your injury.
  • File a claim with the Ohio BWC.

Can I Change Doctors After My Claim is Filed?

You may change doctors, if you feel you are not making progress with your current doctor or any other good reason. To change doctors, you will need to complete the Notice to Change Physician of Record (C-23) form, which can be found on the website, and submit it to the MCO for approval.

What Happens If I Am Unable To Work?

If you cannot work for 8 or more days, you may be eligible to receive payment for lost wages. Your disability must be documented and certified, as work-related. If you qualify for these benefits, your BWC claim service specialist will assist you and explain this in more detail.

What If My Employer Disputes My Claim?

If you or your employer disputes an issue in your claim, either party may file an appeal. The Industrial Commission of Ohio (IC) is a separate State of Ohio agency from the Ohio BWC. If you or your employer file an appeal on the issue, you will receive notice of the date, time and location of an IC Hearing. The Industrial Commission will evaluate the evidence and listen to the testimony of the employer (or its representative) and the injured worker (or their representative). You may choose to represent yourself at the IC Hearing, or you may hire a lawyer at your own expense. After the Hearing, the Industrial Commission representative will make a ruling, based on the evidence. Each of the involved parties will usually receive the IC's decision within a week after the IC Hearing.


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