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Custom Fit Orthotics

Your feet are the “foundation” of your body (your structure...your house). If your feet don't have proper balance or don’t get proper support from your footwear, your body will not have a good solid foundation. Your activities (such as standing, walking, running, and jumping) will force your body out of alignment, which will result in stress and fatigue to the major joints and muscles, which in turn will result in inflammation, pain, reduced performance in your work, sport and personal activities, and eventually, result in degeneration of the joints and soft tissues throughout your body.
Your feet have 3 arches, which form the walls of your “plantar vault.” The plantar vault is a 3 sided dome-like “arch” cavity (similar to a cathedral’s ceiling) on the bottom of each foot. This type of arch is one of the strongest shapes in architecture. It can support unbelievable forces. Similarly, your foot's arches, which make the walls of your plantar vault, support all of your body’s weight. Each time you take a step, one of your arches absorbs your body weight, and if you are running, those forces are nearly three times your body weight. As long as the structures of your arches don’t break down, your plantar vault’s strength is incomparable. The structural support for your entire body’s equilibrium is gained from the plantar vaults in your feet.
Devices, which fit inside your shoes, commonly known as “orthotics” are high tech products, which are designed to reinforce and support your feet. But, just like all types of products on the market, “not all orthotics are created equal.” For example, mass produced over-the-counter orthotics support only one arch of the foot, while the custom-fit orthotics, which we recommend, support all three arches of your foot. We call it the “3-Arch Advantage.”
The feet are the most abused part of the human body. From regular everyday activities, such as walking and running, to more intense actions, such as dancing and playing sports, the feet consistently absorb the gravitational force generated by your body weight. Without proper support, your feet will eventually be overwhelmed by the constant stress, which will result in inflammation, pain and degeneration. An example is plantar fasciitis, a very common condition, which affects the soft tissues on the bottom of the foot. Plantar fasciitis can be a very painful, chronic disabling condition, if not treated properly. Other areas of the body, which may develop painful conditions from unsupported or poorly supported feet, include: the ankle, knee, leg, hip, low back, mid back, neck and shoulder girdle. If the foundation of your house does not provide proper balance, support and stability, your entire house (body) from the bottom to the top will be in a stressed situation.
If you have a foot imbalance, whether painful or not yet painful, custom-fit orthotics are recommended to ensure your feet stay healthy and remain capable of providing proper support to your body.
Why custom-fit orthotics? Simple, the quality of all orthotics are not the same and do not produce the same benefits. Some orthotics, especially the mass produced over-the-counter orthotics, are not precisely made to high tech measurements of your feet, plus these orthotics are designed to only support a single arch on each foot, not all three of your arches. Thus, your plantar vault is compromised.
If you have a foot imbalance, all three arches of your foot need orthotic reinforcement to properly support your body. With the 3-Arch Advantage, you get maximum support in all three arches, which provide an optimal foundation for your body.
Generic over-the-counter orthotics often over-correct one arch, which results in more harm than good by shifting the work load and stress to another area in your plantar vault. Instead of correcting a problem, it just moves the inflammation, pain and degeneration from one area of the body to another. Furthermore, over-the-counter products may not be very durable, which over time may be more expensive than custom-fit orthotics, due to the more frequent replacement.
This is why, at Dunn Chiropractic & Rehab, we offer individually designed custom-fit orthotics, which are based on high tech measurements from digital images of your electronically scanned, weight bearing feet. Our scanned images of your feet are produced with the 3-D BodyView® imaging device, which uses the laser triangulation technique, one of the most accurate measurement techniques available. This ensures our orthotics are tailored for a precise fit to your feet and specific lifestyle requirements, plus our custom-fit orthotics will continue to provide functional improvements and symptomatic relief, for a longer duration of time.
Whether in stand-up work environments, sports activities or personal activities of daily living, custom-fit orthotics result in better posture, better balance, better stability and better outcomes from your chiropractic adjustments.


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