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Ultrasound (Therapeutic)

Therapeutic ultrasound should not be confused with diagnostic ultrasound, which is the type used in prenatal screening. Therapeutic ultrasound utilizes sound waves, which are above our hearing range, to treat injured muscles, joints, and soft tissues. The ultrasound waves exit a transducer head and converge to a point, like the shape of an ice cream cone. The cool water soluble hypoallergenic transmission gel placed on the patient’s skin enables the ultrasound wave to pass through the patient’s skin and penetrate deep into the soft tissues of the body. These sound waves vibrate the cells of the tissues back and forth, which create a deep, micro-massage effect.
In a patient with a recent injury, this therapy helps decrease scar tissue and adhesion formation, which would, otherwise, interfere with the body's healing process; decrease inflammation by destroying unwanted inflammatory cells; and accelerate healing by stimulating the cells responsible for cellular and tissue repair. In chronic conditions, special settings are used to create a deep-heating effect, which heats the tissues far below the skin's surface. These heating and vibration effects of the therapeutic ultrasound, help to "melt away" the muscle spasms and "knots" felt in our muscles.
During the ultrasound treatment, most patients either feel nothing or a pleasant and relaxing mild heat sensation at or just below the skin's surface. It speeds metabolism, improves blood flow and reduces nerve root irritation. Ultrasound stimulates healing without the irritation and complications, which can occur with other forms of heat, and enhances the body's natural healing ability.


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