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Rehab Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercises are repetitive stretching and strengthening maneuvers, which are specifically designed to improve flexibility, strength and endurance of the weakened or injured muscle groups, whose functions are to support and stabilize the spine.
The individual bones (vertebra) of the spine are held together by muscles and ligaments. Correct alignment of the vertebrae and normal biomechanical movements of the spine are crucial for correct posture, normal nervous system function and good health. Repeated strengthening exercises with dynamic functional re-patterning maneuvers not only improve the strength of the muscles and ligaments, which increases spinal stability, but also improves the coordination of the biomechanical movements, which results in less stress, inflammation, pain and degeneration in the associated joints and soft tissues.
By the time many patients seek professional help, fibrotic scar tissue has already infiltrated the muscle tissue, which results in decreased elasticity and strength of the supporting muscles. A program of carefully designed exercises and re-pattering maneuvers help restore better tone, flexibility, strength and endurance to these fibrotic muscles, and improve biomechanical movements and spinal stability.
Results take time. Therapeutic exercise is an effective way to speed your recovery, stabilize your spine, and help prevent a relapse. Treatment and rehab plans are individually designed for each patient’s needs.


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